The Hydro Cup irrigation system works according to a simple, clever principle that prevents your plants from drying out or being over-watered. As soon as the soil in the raised bed begins to dry out, water is slowly made available by diffusion. The watering stake irrigation system was developed so that exactly the right amount of water is provided directly to the plant's root system. All you need to do is stick the watering stake into the raised bed and fill the cup attachment with water.


  • Size (W x H x D): 5 x 19 x 5cm
  • Weight: 1.64kg
  • Material: plastic, clay
  • Colour: turquoise/terracotta


  • Prevents drying out and over-watering
  • Ideal for tomato plants or vegetables and plants in raised beds

Included in delivery

  • Bio Green Hydro Cup Potted Plant Irrigation System with four cups and four watering stakes