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Cooking a perfectly boiled egg is a science in itself - but no problem at all with the BeepEgg®. Simply store and cook the fun egg timer together with your eggs and wait until it starts singing. It doesn't matter how hot the water is at the beginning or how intensely you cook the eggs - the BeepEgg® plays three tunes in order and shows you the current degree of hardness of your eggs. So you can enjoy your br[egg]fast highlight exactly how you like it every time.

This is what the BeepEgg® für'n Pott sings for you

Appropriately tattooed with a hammer and pick, the BeepEgg® für'n Pott strikes the right note for the region both optically and acoustically. "Das Steigerlied" means that your egg is soft boiled, "Wir sind das Ruhrgebiet" plays when it's medium hard, and you'll hear "Ich wollt' ich wär' ein Huhn" when it's hard boiled. So you can enjoy a perfect start to the day, as you need a proper breakfast to build up your strength for a hard day's work. "Glück auf!"


  • Size (H x ø): 5.1 x 4.5cm
  • Weight: 30g
  • Material: Polyethersulfone


  • Egg timer to cook along with your eggs
  • Three melodies for three degrees of hardness
  • Battery-operated (1x CR2032, 220mAh)
  • Battery included in the delivery
  • Made in Germany

Included in delivery

  • Brainstream BeepEgg® egg timer