Deuter Sport GmbH

Deuter is a German manufacturer of sacks and packs for pioneers. The brand was founded in 1898, by Hans Deuter who supplied the Royal Bavarian Post Service with postage bags and mail sacks.

For decades, the rucksack specialist has played a vital role in mountaineering history: Deuter backpacks proved their worth under extreme conditions on numerous expeditions. In its commitment to providing the highest product performance, Deuter depends on its close collaboration with the world’s best athletes and professional mountaineers.

Among the numerous innovations was the ventilated back system which revolutionized the rucksack market in the Mid-80ies. Deuter also introduced the first bike specific backpacks and has developed a complete women’s range – all details of the SL packs are engineered for the female anatomy.


Quality and sustainability are what matters at Deuter. This responsibility doesn't end with the sale of the products. Deuter wants to be a life-long companion. That's why they give you the Deuter Promise for their products and offer you a world-wide and life-long repair service.
For more information, visit Deuter’s FAQ's and see "Repair and Recycling" to find out exactly how you can get your Deuter product repaired: Deuter repair-service.