In the era of virtual offices, online companies and remote work teams, hosting meetings or conferences that allow audience members to connect and interact in meaningful ways is more important than ever. That’s why we make our best to create the best product which offer razor sharp video and crystal clear audio. We believe that having the most advanced Voice IA technology and development facilities, enables us to make meeting experience better.

Conference Speakers

Boasting impressive audio capabilities, eMeet speakerphones provide an efficient way to make conference calls whether you're in or out of the office. Utilizing microphones array, in addition to advanced technology, such as echo elimination and active noise reduction, to ensure everyone involved in the conversation can hear and be heard clearly.

HD Webcams

With the increasing number of people who work from home or rely on teleconferencing, it really pays dividends to invest in one of the best webcams. eMeet webcam can help you look your best by offering extras that most built-in webcams lack, like autofocus, light correction, full HD video, and the ultra clear voice. Provide everyone face-to-face, and communicate with them as if they were in the same room.