Set the mood. Wherever. Whenever.

Kooduu has Dutch and Danish roots and was founded in 2017 on the basis of togetherness, happiness, positive ambiance, coziness, innovation and putting a smile on people’s faces.

This means all products are the perfect companion for any social event, such as a summer barbecue, indoor family gatherings, picnics in the park or a romantic evening for two on the couch.

Our icon is the Kooduu Synergy; a multifunctional design object that integrates mood lighting, a Bluetooth speaker and a wine or beer compartment - and is available in 3 sizes. It is a surprising object that helps you transform any moment into a multisensorial one!

The latest addition to the Kooduu family is the Kooduu Lite-up PLAY: a beautiful Bluetooth speaker that combines audio and light for you to play your favorite music in a cozy and minimalist Scandinavian style.

Celebrate life and make it cozy with Kooduu. What’s your favorite product?