RIMOWA – built to last

RIMOWA is a global market leader in the premium suitcase sector. The company has been manufacturing unique pieces of luggage for its demanding, quality-conscious customers since 1898. The design of its aluminium cases with their parallel grooves, inspired by the aircraft from the pioneer era of aviation, is legendary. Today, the company's motto "built to last" is more relevant than ever. RIMOWA's baggage collections look both to the past and to the future, combining excellent workmanship, outstanding design, tradition and savoir-faire with an eye to tomorrow.
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RIMOWA quality


It takes over 90 phases to assemble a RIMOWA suitcase from more than 200 individual parts; here, the use of cutting-edge technology is just as important as the care and skill that comes with manual craftsmanship. That's because the unrivalled quality of every single RIMOWA suitcase is down to the extensive experience of the company's employees, and their attention to detail.
RIMOWA exklusivity


Style, class and exclusivity. Whether you're going on a special holiday or an everyday business trip, RIMOWA suitcases are both reliable travel companions and luxurious accessories that will complement your contemporary look. Each collection has its own elegant style but is still always instantly recognisable as an exclusive RIMOWA suitcase set.
RIMOWA innovation


RIMOWA has been making perfect suitcases for 120 years, with the seamless integration of innovations representing a fundamental aspect of its success. From the development of the patented Multiwheel® system and the improvement of the TSA locks to new materials, collections and colours: RIMOWA is synonymous with the very highest quality and has always been ahead of its time.
RIMOWA suitcases
Lufthansa Special Editions
Lufthansa's style icon, the crane, meets iRIMOWA's famous groove design: the Lufthansa Special Editions are a match made in heaven. The exclusive baggage ranges are available only in Lufthansa WorldShop, and offer first-class quality, maximum convenience, intelligent functionality and unique design.
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