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Weber have been integral to the perfect barbecue experience since 1952: with first class expertise, a unique range of products and our enthusiasm for everything to do with "Weber-ing". Today, Weber looks back on a 70 year history - a proud celebration. No other grill manufacturer has such extensive experience and such a treasure trove of knowledge.

It all started with the invention of the kettle grill made of a simple ship's buoy, and since then Weber has continuously brought new initiatives to the world of barbecuing. As leader in the industry with its comprehensive range of products and services, Weber has become an international synonym for innovation in barbecuing, for perfect barbecue products and the ultimate BBQ experience.

Weber timeline
Weber Sear-Zone

Weber Sear Zone for optimum heat on the grate

Sear Zone gives you the perfect heat for the gourmet BBQ system. Due to the additional burner, Sear Zone generates heat registering up to 330° C on the lid thermometer, translating into up to 420° C on the grate and up to 800° C in the flame. This high-performance system provides the optimal heat for up to 6 steaks and all rotisserie dishes. It also shortens the pre-heating time and makes cleaning easier.
Smart grilling for consistently perfect results

Smart grilling for consistently perfect results

The step-by-step grilling assistant Weber Connect makes every BBQ a smart BBQ and every BBQ fan a BBQ master. Via the Weber Connect app, you get messages on your smartphone when it is time to flip or when the correct core temperature has been reached. Every steak turns out perfect, without you having to hover over the grill. Weber Connect is integrated into the Spirit EPX-335 and Genesis EX-335. You can also use the functions with the Weber Smart Grilling Hub.
Grilling on the go –
just like you do in your garden

Take your next BBQ outing to a new level, in culinary and atmospheric terms. The mobile grills Weber® Traveler and Weber® Q 1200 are prefect for enjoying delicious BBQ dishes even away from home. Whether on holiday, camping or at a picnic.
Accompany us on a tasty journey around the world and discover delicious recipes from Weber's Barbecue Bible. And BBQ master Yulia Haybäck gives you a peek into her recipe book. We offer you her original ideas from Beer Can Chicken to Cheesecake, as an exclusive download (in German).