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10 times the miles in our summer special

Fill up your miles account this June! We will gift you 10 times the award miles on three of the summer highlights from the inflight shopping range. Simply place a pre-flight order by 30 June 2017 or buy directly on board. Spray some summer on your skin – the new special edition CK One Summer has an enchantingly fresh scent! Practical for on the road: Cult sunglasses Wayfarer from Ray-Ban® are now available in a foldaway design. The "water lily" pendant from Frey Wille with its intensive colours and fascinating gold pays homage to Claude Monet.

Order now and get lots of extra miles.

Inflight Shopping: Exclusive products at heavenly prices

Enjoy your shopping trip above the clouds: A wide range of high-class brands and products from premium manufacturers await you in Inflight Shopping. You can look forward to exclusive special editions only available from Lufthansa Preflight Shop - some indeed may only be available on board!

Did you know that you can take advantage of heavenly price savings compared with domestic prices on all Lufthansa long-haul flights and selected European flights? So take the time to browse through our catalogue and choose the products you want. For your purchase you can redeem your award miles. Cash or credit card are also accepted. Or you can combine the two payment methods with our flexible Mixed Payment option. Our friendly, competent flight attendants will be happy to advise you.

Experience  Inflight Shopping with heavenly price savings!

Browse the current Inflight Shopping magazine online.

Inflight Shopping catalogue

Nature inspires with its scents, sounds and colours ... The highlights on the following pages set the mood for spring: with floral perfumes, trendy accessories, delicate chronographs and technological innovations. You will also get to know the exclusive special editions, which you can conveniently obtain by redeeming your Miles & More award miles. Treat yourself and others.

Spend miles and awaken that spring feeling!

PDF (19 MB)

My WorldShop

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