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Product highlights
Inspired by aviation

Perfect for your next holiday

Discover our unique product world relating to all aspects of aviation. We’ve chosen practical items for relaxed travelling, exceptional aviation furniture, exclusive baggage with a Lufthansa design and aircraft models for people who love aviation.

Making even
packing fun

Holidays are great, but packing is rather less so. But you can make even your travel preparations enjoyable if you have the right suitcases. Aviation-savvy globetrotters will really enjoy Lufthansa TITAN Triport Trolleysdqfzdvavyqc. These lightweight, robust cases are captivating thanks to their elegant, gently curved 3D look, which is based on the design of propellers and turbines.

Check in without fuss

When the day of your departure is finally here, you can remain completely relaxed as you start your holiday. The BAGTAG electronic baggage tag makes this possible. With this, you can check your bags in and still keep moving. No more interminable queues at the airport or stress at the check-in desk.

Practical pockets
and accessories

The stylish Bag to Life Runway Messenger Bag, an upcycling product made from what used to be life jackets, can be taken on board your flight as carry-on baggage. Need somewhere secure to keep all your money and paperwork? If so, we recommend the Lufthansa series wallets in cooperation with bugatti. These stylish leather accessories are impressive thanks to their classic design and carefully thought-out divisions.

Impressive sights at your holiday resort

When you finally arrive at your destination, the Lufthansa Bresser 10/350 travel telescope will allow you to view some very inspiring and impressive sights. Enjoy fantastic image reproduction thanks to the telescope’s high-quality coated optics.

Holiday mementoes and designer items

Make sure your trip is one you’ll never forget. These detailed aircraft models are perfect for passionate model collectors, but they’re also beautiful pieces that you could use to enhance your home. Or why not get your very own original aircraft trolley, like the ones used on board for serving food and drinks? This piece of furniture can add a cosmopolitan touch to your own home.

“I prefer to leave them as they are, complete with their little scratches and blemishes”

The owner of one the largest collections of model Lufthansa aircraft in the world, Michael Saunders, explains to us why he would never consider allowing his pieces to undergo restoration.

Read the interview

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