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Lufthansa WorldShop spotlights

Lufthansa WorldShop spotlights

Chosen exclusively for you! For the very first time Lufthansa WorldShop presents spotlights. Exceptional in quality, innovative in function or simply exciting in design. Spotlights points straight at the latest trends!

Why not enjoy a drink at home from your own bordbar, an original Lufthansa airline trolley, for example?

Be a trendsetter and enjoy exploring the world of spotlights!

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In total 20 products
    HUDORA Street Dragon 120 Scooter

    In stock
    79.00 €*
    or 22,000 Miles*
    Montegrappa Grappa Rollerball

    In stock
    1184.00 €*
    or 320,000 Miles*
    Parrot Swing Minidrone + Flypad

    In stock
    139.00 €*
    or 42,000 Miles*
    Samsung Gear 360

    In stock
    349.00 €*
    or 99,000 Miles*
    B&W P7 Wireless Hi-Fi Headphones

    In stock
    389.00 €*
    or 115,000 Miles*
    fatboy® CO9 XXL bunny rabbit bean bag

    In stock
    1750.00 €*
    or 482,000 Miles*
    Parrot Mambo Minidrone

    In stock
    119.00 €*
    or 36,000 Miles*
    Montblanc Nightflight Cabin Trolley, 2-wheel

    Available again soon
    1100.00 €*
    or 294,000 Miles*
    Montblanc Nightflight document bag, black

    Available again as from calendar week 26.
    520.00 €*
    or 139,000 Miles*

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