The perfect gift for table tennis fans! This premium gift set from Donic-Schildkröt includes three polyball-quality balls and a protective cover, as well as the Legends 700 offensive bat which advanced players in particular will find inspiring. The bat comes with an Ergo handle that adapts perfectly to the shape of the hand and merges almost seamlessly into the striking surface. The Anti-Vibration System developed by Schildkröt also improves ball control in both defensive and offensive play.

Produced sustainably by professionals

The Donic-Schildkröt Legends Line is dedicated to table tennis legends Jan-Ove Waldner, Jörgen Persson and Steffen "Speedy" Fetzner, winners of numerous international titles and other successes. As a leading table tennis manufacturer, Donic-Schildkröt is committed to responsible production. That's why FSC®-certified wood* is used in the manufacture of bats for this product line.


  • Size (W x H x D): 38 x 22.5 x 4.4 cm
  • Weight: 400 g
  • Material: FSC®-certified wood* (bat) / polyester (cover)


  • Gift set with bat, balls and cover
  • Suitable for players with advanced technique
  • Offensive bat (Legends 700) with a 2.0 mm sponge, AVS (Anti-Vibration System) and Ergo handle with rounded core
  • Bat made from FSC®-certified wood (FSC® C130936)*
  • Rectangular bat cover (without ball compartment)
  • Three balls (3-star champion ITTF, ø: 40 mm, polyball quality)

Included in delivery

  • Donic-Schildkröt Legends 700 FSC table tennis premium gift set
  • The gift set contains: bat, 3x balls (3-star ITTF), bat cover

*More information about FSC® certification can be found at: