One container for waste, one container for chopped food - the principle of the FRANKFURTER BRETT® in its purest form. You can almost double your work surface with this cleverly designed chopping board and its up to five flexible containers. Cut food and waste can be dropped cleanly into the separate containers, stored there temporarily before being used or placed directly into a pan or pot.

This everyday board makes your kitchen fun

The BASIC chopping board is ideal for everyday cooking for two to three people and makes cooking easier, cleaner and more practical. Its lightweight design means it can also be used with no problems wherever you want to prepare your favourite dishes, e.g. with the children at the table in the living room, or in the garden when having a barbecue.


  • Size (W x H x D): 45 x 4 x 30cm
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Material: 100% bamboo (board), 100% stainless steel (brackets), 100% stainless steel (container set)
  • Colour: bamboo (board), stainless steel (brackets), stainless steel (container set)

Special features

  • Space-saving chopping board with extendable bracket system
  • 5 flexible containers
  • For dishes for 2-3 people
  • For households with more than 4 people, the MONO chopping board is ideal (e.g. item no. 1760917: FRANKFURTER BRETT® MONO Chopping Board, Oak, Stainless Steel, Incl. Container Set L2 Stainless Steel)

Scope of delivery

  • FRANKFURTER BRETT® BASIC chopping board
  • Stainless steel bracket system for 2 containers at the front
  • Display brackets for up to 4 containers at the back
  • Container set M2 stainless steel, 14 pieces incl. lids
  • 4 silicone rings integrated at the bottom
  • Brief instructions