The GARDENA AquaBloom set is an independent, automatic irrigation solution for plants on the balcony or patio. It's especially practical because it provides optimal care for plants in planters and pots without being connected to electricity or water. When you are travelling or on vacation for longer periods of time, AquaBloom guarantees that your plants are watered reliably. The main unit is comprised of a pump, a control unit and a solar panel. It can be positioned almost anywhere: hanging on the wall of the house, on the rim of the pot, balcony railing or standing on a table.


  • Size (W x H x D): 25.2 x 25.8 x 12.6cm
  • Weight: 0.75kg
  • Colour: anthracite


  • The set is sufficient for watering up to 20 plants
  • 14 pre-defined programs control length and frequency of watering
  • An additional water container is required (not included in delivery)
  • One day of sunshine is sufficient to charge the batteries via the solar panel
  • 25 year manufacturer warranty*

Included in delivery

  • GARDENA AquaBloom Solar-Powered Automatic Irrigation System Set
  • 20 x 0.5l/h pressure-equalising drippers
  • 15 x 3/16" hose holder
  • 8 x 3/16" sealing plugs
  • 20m 3/16" distribution tube
  • Three AA rechargeable 1.2V batteries (2,400mAh)
  • Filter

*More information can be found at