The GARDENA ClickUp! BirdFeeder is particularly popular with feathered garden inhabitants during the winter months. It attaches to the GARDENA ClickUp! Handle with a click and has space for plenty of native birds.

Practical, sturdy and easy to clean

Adding the bird feed* is simple and it is protected against rain and snow. The bird feeding station itself is frost- and dishwasher-proof. Its design makes it a striking addition to your garden. Water drainage and a drip guard ensure that no water runs down the post.


  • Material: acrylic glass (bird feeding station) / FSC®-certified larch wood (post)
  • Colour: white


  • Bird feeding station for small native wild birds
  • GARDENA ClickUp! one-click attachment
  • Incl. GARDENA ClickUp! Handle
  • Highly transparent, frost-proof PMMA plastic (acrylic glass)
  • Dishwasher-proof
  • FSC®-certified (FSC C002094) wooden post**
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty***

Included in delivery

  • GARDENA ClickUp! BirdFeeder
  • GARDENA ClickUp! Handle

*Bird feed is not included in delivery.

**More information about the certificate can be found at

***More information can be found at