Important note: The delivery of the goods only takes place from Tuesday to Friday.

A completely plant-based burger that smells and sizzles like genuine meat? Is that possible? Everything is possible with the Beyond Burger! The pea-based burger patty not only looks like a meat burger - it also has the same smell and is cooked in the same way. The very light brioche burger buns are made according to an original French recipe and are the perfect accompaniment to the burgers. The box also contains tasty Beyond Meat sausages and Beyond Meat mince.


  • Weight: 750 g


  • Vegan meat replacement products
  • Made from peas, coconut oil and beetroot
  • Beyond Meat burger
  • Beyond Meat sausage
  • Beyond Meat mince
  • Brioche buns (non-vegan)

Included in delivery

  • Gourmetfleisch Beyond Meat box
  • The box consists of: 2x Beyond Meat burgers (à 114 g), 2x Beyond Meat sausages (à 100 g), 2x Beyond Meat mince (à 300 g), 2x brioche buns

Note: the minimum shelf life of Beyond Meat is 90 days from delivery when stored at -18 °C.

One click is enough - we have compiled all the details and facts for you here:

Nutritional values (PDF)

May contain traces of wheat flour, milk, butter, egg and soya flour.