An exquisite luxury item from India: the 100% Arabica beans of this coffee are graded "Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold, AAA" and originate from the state of Karnataka, where they are cultivated at an altitude of 900 to 1200 metres above sea level. Gently roasted in a traditional process, this premium medium-roast coffee unfolds its rich bouquet to perfection.

Its mild, fruity flavours can be enjoyed hot or cold

The coffee stands out because of its rounded body and fruity aromas, while it is also harmonious and balanced. World of Coffee Pure Origin by JURA is optimal for hot and cold-brew specialities thanks to its natural sweetness and the pleasant fruity notes.


  • Weight: 1 kg


  • 100% Arabica beans
  • Graded "Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold, AAA"
  • Intensive flavour with mild, fruity notes
  • Gentle medium roast
  • Ideal for the preparation of hot and cold coffee specialities

Included in delivery

  • JURA World of Coffee Pure Origin, 4 x 250 g