The WV 6 and the KV4 together form an innovative duo that makes housework less complicated and more convenient. Dirt is effectively loosened during the first work step by the cleaning concentrate and vibrating motion of the cordless wiper. An electric water dispenser releases water at a constant rate. The dirty water is then collected hygienically and without residue with the window vacuum. The new lip technology of the WV 6 delivers a perfect cleaning result and streak-free surfaces throughout the home.

Unbeatable equipment

The window cleaning set in typical Kärcher quality guarantees professional and effortless cleaning of all smooth surfaces. Both devices have an LED display: the WV 6 indicates the exact amount of remaining cleaning time and the KV 4 shows when its battery (2,100/5,700mAh) needs charging. The combination of electric window vacuum and vibrating cordless wiper delivers better results in significantly less time than conventional house-cleaning methods.


Kärcher KV 4 vibrating cordless wiper

  • Size (W x H x D): 9.4 x 10 x 26cm
  • Weight: 500g
  • Material: plastic
  • Colour: yellow/black

Kärcher WV 6 cordless window vac

  • Size (W x H x D): 28 x 31 x 12.6cm
  • Weight: 800g
  • Material: plastic
  • Colour: yellow/black


Kärcher KV 4 vibrating cordless wiper

  • Cordless wiper with electric water dispenser
  • Vibration function: easy cleaning of smooth surfaces without manual scrubbing
  • LED display
  • Water tank: 180ml
  • Noise emission: 52dB
  • Voltage: 100 to 240V
  • Lithium-ion battery (2,100mAh, runtime up to 35 mins./ 100m2 or 33 windows, charging time up to 160 mins.)

Kärcher WV 6 cordless window vac

  • Streak-free window vacuuming in top quality
  • For all smooth surfaces
  • LED display
  • Display indicates remaining runtime
  • Soiled water tank volume: 150ml
  • Patented lip technology with a long lip
  • Vacuum nozzle working width: 280mm
  • Low operating noise level: 52dB
  • Voltage: 100 to 200V
  • Lithium-ion battery(5,700mAh, runtime up to 100 mins./300m2 or 100 windows, charge time up to 170 mins.)

Included in delivery

  • Kärcher KV 4 vibrating cordless wiper
  • Kärcher WV 6 cordless window vac
  • 20ml window cleaning concentrate
  • Battery charger for the KV 4
  • Quick-charger for the WV 6