Lumix SuperLight Flame Christmas tree candles have a built-in thread or filament LED, which makes the LED almost three times brighter and bigger than most other models. The giant LED is placed in a tastefully designed, elegant candle and will make any Christmas tree sparkle. In Flicker mode, the candles look like flames, while in SuperLight mode they shine brightly.


  • Size (H): 9cm (candle)
  • Weight: 22g (per candle)
  • Material: plastic
  • Colour: ivory


  • 12 ivory-coloured mini LED candles and 12 high-quality alkaline batteries (LR03/AAA)
  • Continuous light and dual Flicker mode
  • Bright, warm, flame-like light
  • SuperLight mode for significantly brighter light
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use according to protection class IP44*
  • 4h switch-off timer
  • 29 days lighting duration with 4 hrs. daily switch-on time or over 150 hrs. Continuous operation
  • Handy mounting clip
  • Silver Lumix SuperLight remote control

Included in delivery

  • Krinner Lumix SuperLight Flame Christmas Tree Candles
  • Lumix SuperLight remote control (incl. 1x CR2032 battery)

*IP44 protected against solid foreign bodies with diameter >=1mm, against access with a wire and against splash water from all sides.