From dark chocolate through caramelised hazelnuts, to fruity wild berries and even floral hints, such as those of jasmine: the range of flavours and aromas associated with coffee is enormous - indeed the various coffee types produce something like 800 of them. That’s even more than wines manage. This makes coffee one of the most complex natural products in terms of how we perceive it on our palate.

But not only is there a multitude of different coffee types; there are also different ways of preparing them. Why not “think outside the cup”? Here we’ve some fascinating background information for you and you can discover fantastic products that you can to use to make your own delectable creations. Today’s coffee machines don’t just offer convenience; they also open up a whole new world of coffee and related specialities.

Characteristic growing regions

The flavour of coffee beans is determined to a large extent by the region in which they are grown. Coffee from Kenya, for example, often has a distinctly fruity taste. Ethiopian coffee, on the other hand, is more flowery. So why not try out new varieties and embark upon a gastronomic voyage of discovery?

The quality of fine robusta coffees

Incidentally, botanically speaking coffee isn’t a bean – it’s the seed of a stone fruit. When it comes to the variety, discerning connoisseurs have sworn by the "100% Arabica" quality hallmark for a very long time. In the meantime, however, there are many excellent fine robusta coffees that have become available that have a very complex palate conjured by the flavours of stone fruits such as cherries, raisins and berries with hints of flowers, nuts and spices.

The darker, the stronger?

The colour actually tells you something about the caffeine content of coffee. But contrary to what you might think, the caffeine content of light roasted coffee is higher than that of dark roasts.

Light roast

Light roasts contain fewer bitter substances and bring out the natural flavours of the bean. Enjoy a light roast without milk or sugar - this will enable you to taste the full complexity of flavours.

Medium roast

Medium roasts (among which are the so-called Breakfast Roasts) provide a good balance between acidity and roast flavours so they make the ideal aromatic start to the day.

Dark roast

Dark roasted coffee often tastes more chocolatey as the longer roasting process means more caramelisation takes place. That said, it also has more roasted flavours that can add a bitter note.

Coffee percolators for the ultimate enjoyment

You can become your own barista and decide on how you want to make your coffee: at what pressure, what temperature and with how much water? But for this, you will need the necessary skill and experience.
Fill the filter with finely ground, well-roasted ground coffee and press this down firmly using a tamper. A pump forces the water through the filter at a pressure of 8 to 10 bar for a few seconds. The aromatic substances are extracted from the ground coffee, without the bitterness. Depending on the amount of water used, this will give you the perfect coffee or espresso with a great crema.
The pump and boiler are the key functional elements of the machine. The boiler should be made of steel or brass and be fairly small so that the water can be heated quickly to the desired temperature. The pump should be able to produce a pressure of at least 9 bar to allow the aromatic substances to optimally develop. Solenoid valves cost a bit more, but they also last a lot longer. For the ultimate barista experience, grind the coffee with a special grinder directly before you prepare your coffee.

Capsule machines for easy preparation

Enjoyment at the touch of a button: there really is no easier way to make coffee than with capsule machines. The ground coffee is optimally protected in the capsules and so retains its unadulterated flavour and aroma. Manufacturers offer a wide range of different types of capsule coffees.
You can select from a wide range – espresso, ristretto, lungo and others – and control the amount of water used. You then insert the capsule and determine what coffee speciality you’d like at the touch of a button. Then afterwards, all you have to do is dispose of the used capsules. It really couldn’t be simpler.
Sustainability particularly important to you? But you can’t do without your favourite regional espresso, even if it means you have to use a capsule machine? No problem! The reusable stainless steel capsules by Dreiklang - be smart® are exactly what you need. With the handy reusable coffee capsules made of stainless steel, your coffee experience is still fantastic, but in a more eco-friendly way.
Capsule machines come optionally equipped with integrated milk containers which extend the range of possible specialities to suit all tastes. Regular cleaning of the machine is absolutely crucial, especially in the case of these models.

Automatic coffee makers for best flavour with easiest operation

Combine the convenience of a capsule machine with the high standards of a barista. Various programmes conjure up wonderfully versatile coffee specialities at the touch of a button. Freshly ground coffee and perfect milk froth included.
All you have to do is stock the automatic machine with water, beans and milk. The integrated, flexibly adjustable conical grinder guarantees really fresh ground coffee, which is then brewed at the perfect temperature and pressure for just the right amount of time. You can display your expertise in terms of the beans you select, what degree of grinding and the individually adjustable quantities of water and milk you choose.
The ideal complement for your automatic coffee machine is the JURA Cool Control milk cooler with its 2.5l capacity. This slim, elegant accessory cools the milk to 4°C, thereby creating the ideal conditions for the preparation of delicious coffee specialities such as latte macchiato, flat white or cappuccino.
Despite the fact that they do all the work, fully automatic machines save energy as they are able switch themselves off after a few minutes of non-activity. For thorough cleaning, various elements such as the coffee grounds holder and brewing unit can be removed individually and easily rinsed.