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Diving with Sinn watch

Sinn watches: uncompromising quality

While some cheap watches will stop if they are so much as dropped into a puddle of caffè latte, Sinn watches will survive the seabed, the peaks of the Himalayas and even outer space. Take the Sinn 206 St Ar, for example, a contemporary interpretation of a dive watch, which guarantees the wearer optimal visibility even in adverse conditions.
Everything in view: highly specialised Sinn experts

A watchmaker – a watch

Sinn enjoys an excellent reputation, one based on word of mouth – because quality speaks for itself. Even the astronauts who travelled to space with their Sinn watches bought them in a shop like everyone else. It was only later that the breathtaking snapshots from space came to mind. And the way in which the Sinn 104 St Sa I pilot watch combines function with character is pretty breathtaking, too. Manufactured according to the company’s principle of "One watchmaker – one watch".
Sinn watches: Proven under pressure
Put through their paces
Sinn timepieces are instruments that have to prove themselves under often harsh conditions. Their design is determined by the technical requirements. Whether developed for air rescue forces, combat swimmers or mountaineers, for some of these watches, it can be a matter of life or death. That’s why they are manufactured and meticulously tested by highly specialised professionals in Frankfurt.