Secure 5 times as many miles with purchases worth over €200* and don’t miss out on the chance to collect 10x1,000,000 miles**

Mileage millionaires wanted

A once in a lifetime chance to become a mileage millionaire: we can make your dream come true! Register by 30/6/2021 for the promotion, collect award miles in the Lufthansa WorldShop and from at least two other participating partners (F.A.Z., Hertz, Solidvest, Ingolstadt Village bzw. Wertheim Village) whilst the offer is running for instant entry into the draw and the chance to win 10x1,000,000 miles**.

Get started on your way to becoming a mileage millionaire, discover the new summer range, shop for your favourite products and collect 5 times the award miles in addition to your millions of miles opportunity from a purchase value of €200*.

* Terms and conditions of the 5 times as many award miles promotion:

  • this offer is valid from 1/6/2021 to 30/6/2021 for purchases from a minimum value of €200 Euro on
  • The miles will be credited approximately 6 weeks after the transaction.
  • For Cash & Miles payments, the 5 times as many award miles will only be credited for the Euro share, which will also need to be at least €200.**

** How to become a mileage millionaire:

  • Register by 30/6/2021, take advantage of at least three promotional offers from different participating partners and start collecting.
  • Use the car or complete your purchase, including payment and returns, by 31/7/2021.
  • Winners will be notified in September.