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Inflight Deals - Top brand highlights reduced by up to 59%

Heavenly savings with Inflight Shopping

Enjoy heavenly savings with Inflight Shopping. We have slashed the prices of a number of highlights for you. Such as the scent of eternity from Calvin Klein. You can now purchase the floral Eternity Moment perfume for a wonderful 29 euro or 9,000 miles - saving you 54% on this truly enchanting fragrance. The highly effective Cell-1 gel is a skincare dream and right now will cost you just 29 € thanks to a 48% discount. Underscore your sports-inspired lifestyle with the Adidas Wayfinder. You can acquire the sunglasses for 67 € instead of 79 €. So, what are you waiting for - place a direct pre-order now and save on your next flight.

Enjoy shopping even before departure

Reserve your favourite products online in advance with Preflight Shopping

Inflight Shopping CatalogueFrom now on your on-board shopping experience begins even before your flight: our Preflight service enables you conveniently to reserve the entire shopping range for your flight online in advance, with exclusive product collections and special editions. And you can do this up to two days before departure. Treat yourself to classy accessories and beauty highlights, for instance! Your non-bindingly reserved items will be conveniently handed to you on board.

Once you have decided you would like to keep the product, you can purchase it there and then by redeeming your award miles or pay in cash or by credit card. For even greater flexibility, you can combine these methods with our Mixed Payment option. If you should change your mind about an order for any reason, simply return it to our cabin crew during the flight.

Learn more about our attractive Preflight Shopping service and try it out right away at:


How pre-flight shopping works:

Start Preflight Shopping

Reserve the product online at pre-flight-shopping.com Your chosen product is then delivered to you in the aircraft Take your time examining the product during the flight Redeem your Miles & More award miles or buy the product if you wish Pack your new favourite product and enjoy!

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