A highlight for fans of aviation and sustainability: the new Lufthansa Upcycling Collection 2.0 is now available from us. As with our first collection, we've upcycled a long-serving Lufthansa aircraft that's now been decommissioned. We've reused the high-quality materials to create exclusive lifestyle furniture. A very special aircraft - the Airbus A320, which has gone down in aviation history as "Papa Alpha" - was used to supply the materials.

This twin-engine jet was the first in a long line of A320s to become the Lufthansa Group's go-to for short-haul and medium-haul flights. "Papa Alpha" with the registration D-AIPA was flown from Toulouse to Frankfurt for delivery on 16 October 1989. She then operated exclusively for Lufthansa for the next 29 years, 8 months until she was decommissioned. It’s not surprising that Upcycling products enjoy such symbolic status: "Every piece has a story to tell, has flown tens of thousands of kilometres and has been through storms, lightning and hail", says Stefan Wolf, Deputy Head of the A320 fleet, in our awesome interview.

Sustainable, with Lufthansa Signature style

D-AIPA and the Lufthansa Upcycling Collection 2.0
Slat Sideboard
30 years of aviation history for eternity - the Slat Sideboard
The Slat Sideboard tells a story. A story of how it flew around the world for almost 30 years as a slat on the Airbus A30-211 D-AIPA, ensuring that passengers landed safely at their destination. Today, this sideboard creates a lasting link between the familiar and the new, defining stylish accents as a piece of furniture to enhance any living space.
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D-AIPA table sculpture

Like an exceptional award - the Table Sculpture

Artistically worked and cast in concrete: the fuselage panel of Papa Alpha is turned into an extraordinary Table Sculpture that resembles an exceptional award. Like the furniture, this sculpture was Made in Germany. All these items come with metal D-AIPA identification plates testifying to their unique origin. Make sure you get your piece of aviation history.
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Trendy collectors' items - the Aviation Tags

White or blue: these trendy Aviation Tags are made from the outer skin of D-AIPA and are made in Germany. This is a limited and numbered edition - and these tags look every bit as great whether you use them as key rings or luggage tags. In this form, a tiny part of D-AIPA can continue to travel the world with you. With free Lost & Found service.
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