Park your air miles at Vienna airport!

The Park & Fly prepaid card
Order your Park & Fly prepaid card to the value of 50 euros, and you won't have to worry any more about finding small change for the automatic paying machine.
Exchange 16,000 award miles for uncomplicated parking, and you can leave your vehicle in Car Park C, in short-stay car parks K1, K2 and K3 or in multi-storey car parks 1, 3 or 4 at Vienna airport.

It's that simple!
Take a parking ticket when your enter the car park; then, when you return to Vienna, simply enter the ticket at the payment counter, the automatic payment machines or directly at the exit. Next enter your Park & Fly prepaid voucher and the parking charge is automatically debited.

Happy Parking
If the parking charge exceeds the current value of your Park & Fly prepaid card, you can combine the card with other forms of payment, either cash, cheque or credit card, in order to make up the difference.

Important note
Please note that delivery takes at least seven working days. This offer is only valid at Vienna International airport.