Following decades of peace in the kingdom of Novelmore, the age-old conflict between the heroic Knights of Novelmore and the rebellious Burnham Raiders has started to reignite. Both sides are battling to take control of the magical armour Invincibus, which makes its wearer invincible. In that case, it's just as well that the mighty castle walls and sophisticated defence system can protect King John and his son Prince Arwynn from attacks by the Burnham Raiders. But who will win the battle?

A world full of adventure and lots of clever details

The Novelmore knight play world by PLAYMOBIL® will delight children with its creative weapons, ingenious defence systems and lots of original characters. The Grand Castle of Novelmore is equipped with a mechanically-closing castle gate with integrated catapult, ballista, lift and slingshot. There is also a trap door to drop intruders directly into the dungeon.


  • Size of castle (W x H x D): 79 x 44 x 57 cm
  • Material: plastic


  • Part of the Novelmore knight play world by PLAYMOBIL®
  • The Grand Castle of Novelmore with mechanical castle gate
  • Integrated catapult
  • Ballista, lift and slingshot
  • Trapdoor to dungeon
  • Four Novelmore characters: King John, Prince Arwynn, Dario Da Vanci and Lord Francis Forthwind
  • Horse, wolf and numerous knight accessories
  • Suitable for children from approx. 4 years

Included in delivery

  • PLAYMOBIL® Grand Castle of Novelmore playset
  • The playset contains: large Novelmore castle, four figures, horse, wolf and other accessories

Caution: not suitable for children under approx. 3 years. Danger of suffocation due to small parts which may be swallowed.