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Riedel "Heart to Heart" Champagne Glasses, buy 4 pay 3 Item number: 1739481
Available for delivery in Germany within 3-5 working days
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Deliverable to:
EU and Switzerland, airport Munich and airport Frankfurt
39 €
11,000 Miles
Riedel "Heart to Heart" Champagne Glasses, buy 4 pay 3
Incl. VAT but excl. delivery costs.
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Riedel "Heart to Heart" Champagne Glasses, buy 4 pay 3

A bit of bubbly lifts the mood! And we have developed a truly special glass for enjoying sparkling wines. The elegant flute shape brings out the traditional fine, floral scent, which this glass mixes with delicate yeast flavours. The shape directs the sparkling wine to the tip of the tongue, the centre of tactile perception, providing pure enjoyment from the delicious, refreshing perlage. The fruity flavours develop on the palate and mix with the mineral properties of the sparkling wine for long-lasting pleasure. Let's hear those glasses clink - drink to your health.

  • Material: crystal
  • Colour: crystal clear

Included in delivery:

  • 4 glasses

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