Reusch, men's ski gloves, Powerline STORMBLOXX, black

Membrane: STORMBLOXX+ to keep off the wind:
The wind chill effect on the descent often makes the wintry temperatures feel even colder than they are. The STORMBLOXX+ technology was specially developed by Reusch to counteract this effect by ensuring that the wind never penetrates the glove.

Insulation: PrimaLoft® - light and pleasantly warm:
PrimaLoft® is a type of polyester wadding developed by NASA, with heating properties very similar to those of down. Soft and ultra-light, PrimaLoft® makes for a pleasant in-glove climate. Water-repellent, wind-resistant and breathable - your hands will stay warm, while you enjoy optimal wearing comfort.


  • Normal wrist band
  • Zip
  • Reinforced inner material
  • Leather finger tips
  • Inner material: Sheep leather DD
  • Outer material: ActiveFlex
  • Inner lining: MicroActive
  • Colour: black

Delivery approximately one week from receipt of order.
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