The Homeoffice Fitness Set consists of a massage ball set, anti-stress balls and the wedge and back support Seat Cushion Fit+. The two nub balls are ideal for grip and strength exercises as well as for reflex zone massage and are often used in techniques designed for sensitisation and mobilisation. The handy, slip-resistant anti-stress therapy balls strengthen hand and forearm muscles, increase dexterity and blood circulation and can reduce stress. The special form of the Seat Cushion Fit+ ensures unstable seating and the resulting mini movements continually activate the back muscles. Your back is supported, relieved and massaged. Add some variety to your daily sitting marathon and use the cushion occasionally as a dynamic seat cushion or as a back support cushion. Seating duration on the cushion and frequency of use should be adapted to your training level. But the flat unstable cushion can be positioned under your bottom during abdominal training as well. The deep muscles are also activated and your abdominal training becomes more intensive. In addition, specially shaped nubs will stimulate your foot reflex zones.

Online tip

Schildkröt offers a wide range of information on training methods and instructions for the use of its fitness products. Scan the QR code on the packaging, or visit the Schildkröt Fitness website for tips and training videos.


Massage balls

  • Size (ø): 7 cm
  • Colour: green
  • Size (ø): 9 cm
  • Colour: Anthracite

Anti-stress balls

  • Size (ø): 4.8 cm
  • Weight: 48 g
  • Material: thermoplastic elastomer

Seat Cushion Fit+

  • Size (ø): 34 cm


  • A soft, inflatable and a hard massage ball
  • Elastic, slip-resistant anti-stress balls of medium hardness
  • Dynamic wedge and back support cushion with air regulation
  • Seat cushion developed by sports scientists and physiotherapists

Included in delivery

  • Schildkröt Homeoffice Fitness Set, 5 pcs.
  • The set consists of: 2 x massage balls, 2 x anti-stress balls, 1 x Seat Cushion Fit+