Make life more beautiful with the latest lifestyle products from the Lufthansa Upcycling Collection, which transforms decommissioned aircraft, and onboard and airport paraphernalia in the old Lufthansa signature design into unique furniture pieces, fashionable bags, practical accessories and much more.

For example, how about a lamp made from wood combined with the outer skin of an A320-211? Or why not display your drinks and glasses in a stylish wall bar made from a former “Papa Hotel” window?

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Sought-after unique pieces

That exclusive aviation feel just for you: discover the new products crafted from the decommissioned A320-211 D-AIPH. Incorporate a piece of history into your home with the extraordinary wall bar that used to be the window of the “Papa Hotel”, or with the stylish wall lamp that is made from a piece of aircraft skin and once soared high above the clouds.

Limited design objects made from aircraft materials