The foundation for your next garden party: the BBQ can begin with this grill. The grate of the Weber® Genesis II E-310 GBS offers plenty of space for juicy meat and delicious grilled vegetables. Operating the barbecue is really easy thanks to its comprehensive and efficient GS4™ four-component system. The Infinity ignition - the first component - ignites the gas in the twinkling of an eye by means of a rotating control knob. In the second step, three stainless steel burners ensure even heat distribution over the grill surface.

Four elements, one goal

The Flavorizer Bars® aroma bars are the third component, arranged so that they catch the dripping juices and circulate the vapours back to the meat. This gives the grill an inimitably smoky note. Finally, a grease collecting system as the last component transports the remaining grease cleanly from the burners into removable disposable drip trays. This makes the grilling process clean and hygienic, and also makes it easier to clean the barbecue afterwards. This complete package ensures a relaxed barbecue experience.


  • Size (W x H x D): 137.2 x 114.3 x 73.7cm
  • Grill surface size (W x H): 68 x 48cm
  • Weight: 63kg
  • Material: porcelain enamel, stainless steel
  • Colour: black


  • High-performance barbecue operating on liquid gas
  • For five to seven people
  • Powerful barbecue system GS4™: electric Infinity ignition, three stainless steel burners, Flavorizer Bars®, grease catch system
  • Infinite control valves
  • Lid thermometer
  • Compatible with the Weber® iGrill 3 Bluetooth® thermometer
  • Two side tables, each with three cutlery hooks
  • Cart with freely accessible storage space
  • Two castors with stop function
  • Two robust all-weather wheels
  • 10 year manufacturer warranty*

Included in delivery

  • Weber® Genesis® II E-310 GBS gas barbecue
  • Aluminium drip tray

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