Find loudspeakers, soundbars, music systems and more to suit all needs. Wake up to your favourite music, keep listening in the shower and without losing a beat continue your listening experience as you enjoy breakfast: these new sound systems offer harmonious listening without interruption - tailor-made for every room in your house or flat.

Whether you're in your own garden, high up in the mountains or chillaxing on the beach - you can now take your music with you and enjoy it anywhere. We recommend devices with a portable design that adapts to every situation, both at home and when you're travelling.

Small speakers, big sound - for indoors and outdoors

Speaking of which:

... didn't you always want to go on a musical tour of the world? Well, you're in the right place! Because first-class sound systems aren't just the best thing that can happen to your ears when it comes to your favourite music. They also open up new worlds of sound to you in the most fabulous way. Let yourself be whisked away into the heart of previously unknown rhythms, beats and playlists - in your own home, or when you're out and about.

Soundbars for thrilling entertainment

Enjoy TV, movies, music, gaming and more with the Sonos Arc premium smart soundbar. Experience even more thrilling entertainment with the breathtakingly realistic 3D sound of Dolby Atmos. Just like in the cinema, you can hear every whisper and every explosion in impressive detail and depth. You can play music, radio or podcasts even when the TV is off. You can easily add a sub and two One SLs to the Arc for brilliant 5.1 surround sound.