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Frankfurt-based Pedo Knopp could tell you a thing or two about having a passion for music. The German DJ and event organiser has become renowned for his intoxicating party nights and the global sounds he plays from all around the world. "Music is the centre of my life", explains Pedo Knopp. Read our interview to discover what music means to him. Pedo Knopp has put together an exclusive Spotify playlist for Lufthansa WorldShop. It will take you on an impressive musical journey around the world and is definitely worth a listen.

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Music lover and DJ Pedo Knopp
What role does music play in your daily life?
Music plays a central role in my life, as I work with it and enjoy listening to it. In both my job and free time, I use music in a specific way to enhance feelings and intensify moods because music can deliver calm and harmony, joy and euphoria or contemplation and melancholy. Yet, surrounded by so much music, I never forget that silence is most beautiful sound.
Your job has taken you to many places around the world. Do audiences in different cultures also behave differently?
I have the impression that people from outside cultures are often more interested in a country's music styles than the locals. I'll never forget, for example, playing intoxicating traditional Angolan rhythms with my colleagues in Angola. These sounds normally get people moving on dance floors around the world. Yet while the expats and older Angolans in the audience were dancing away energetically, the younger, cooler locals made a point of standing by the DJ pit and looking bored as they waited impatiently for the Angolan DJ. They then started dancing frenetically when he began his set with German techno music. It just goes to show: the grass is always greener on the other side.
Which culture interests you most from a musical perspective?
Probably Brazilian, as the music is incredibly diverse, poetic and culturally significant. This diversity primarily results from the fusion of European, African, Indian and religious traditions. The size of the country has also led to the development of a number of regional styles: Axé from Salvador da Bahia, Carimbó from Pará, Baião and Forró from the north-east and Funk Carioca from Rio, for example. It's also interesting to see that modern styles frequently incorporate music traditions and thus help to keep them alive.
Are music tastes changing in Germany?
Based on the charts and my own subjective feeling, people in the mainstream are less willing to engage with new things. They used to go to clubs to discover new music. Nowadays, many just want to hear the same songs they listen to every day on the radio and YouTube. We're unfortunately already living in a kind of monoculture. On the other hand, the unlimited availability of information and music tracks means that there is also a growing number of people looking to enjoy the almost infinite variety offered by modern music media.
You've put together an exclusive Spotify playlist for Lufthansa WorldShop. What can we expect to hear?
It's a global journey through the wealth of musical cultures, organised like a traditional DJ set. It consists of 53 tracks from countries ranging from Sweden to Thailand, Libya to New Zealand. On the one hand, these tracks bring together a range of different moods and tempos. On the other hand, I've combined rhythms and styles from around the world to create a harmony of differences and similarities. Ideally, it should inspire listeners to explore new musical perspectives.
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