Go with the zeitgeist - succumb to the charming and joyful pleasure of wines, spirits and fine delicacies. Connoisseurship is no longer just reserved for insiders with their specialist knowledge. Nowadays, people looking to try something new can also become wine, chocolate and coffee enthusiasts. You don't have to know all the ramifications of the history of wine to be able to appreciate a good drop. Enjoyment depends on the mood.

"Emotions are the critical element," explained the sommelier Marian Henß in a conservation with Lufthansa WorldShop. Let us take you on an exciting gourmet trip around the globe. Discover our exclusive selection of characterful wines, excellent champagnes, exquisite specialities and more.

Riesling from the Rhine

Highlights from the Loire, Burgundy, the Champagne region and South Africa

A trip around the globe in wines and spirits