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RIMOWA is one of the market leaders worldwide in the premium suitcase segment. The company has been manufacturing luggage since 1898 for discerning customers who know what they want. The design of its aluminium cases with their parallel grooves, inspired by the aircraft of pioneering days, is legendary. In 2017, RIMOWA joined the LVMH Group. RIMOWA und Lufthansa have been working together as partners for more than a decade to offer their customers in Germany functional, superbly designed cases that combine tradition and craftsmanship with modern technology.


Handmade meets high-tech

The RIMOWA Classic was developed for travellers who demand the very best, and effortlessly combines luxury with functionality. It was created to help them live life without limits. With its high-quality anodised aluminium alloy, riveted high-gloss aluminium corners and hand-finished leather handles, this product range represents the perfect balance between craftsmanship and superior technology.

Luggage pieces from RIMOWA are assembled from more than 200 individual parts in manufacturing processes exceeding 90 work steps. The accuracy of human craftsmanship is still just as important as modern technology, as only the long-standing experience of employees and their love of detail can guarantee the quality of a RIMOWA luggage item.


More than just a piece of luggage

Whether extraordinary holiday journey or everyday business trip: every RIMOWA luggage item is a dependable companion. More than just a piece of luggage: the unmistakable groove structure in the shells make it a real eye-catcher. Its cushioned Multiwheel® roller system, a TSA lock and the breakproof surface make your journey all the more convenient, quick and secure.