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WorldShop Airport Delivery Service

Good news for all frequent flyers who live outside of the delivery area of Lufthansa WorldShop: Using the new Lufthansa WorldShop Airport Delivery service, you can pick up your desired product upon arrival or transfer at Frankfurt or Munich Airport. Try out the special delivery service on your next flight and enjoy the freedom of using the global WorldShop.

Delight your loved ones by having your purchases gift-wrapped. We will gift-wrap selected items for just 5.50 euro or 1.000 Miles. Look out for the Shop Delivery sign. All you have to do is collect your purchases from the Airport Shop. You can also add a greeting card with a personal message to your order for just 2.50 euro or 500 Miles. We can also deliver your order and card to the departure gate. Look out for the greeting card symbol.

1 Look out for the products carrying the "Airport Delivery" icon when browsing through our catalogue or our Online Shop at worldshop.eu
2 Fill your shopping basket and send your order any time from 30 calendar days in advance and up to 4 calendar days prior to your departure for Frankfurt or Munich. Products can be purchased by credit card in euros, by redeeming Miles & More award miles, or via a mixed payment in euros and miles.
If Frankfurt or Munich is your final destination, products are delivered against a service fee of € 5,95* or 1.200 Miles in the Lufthansa WorldShop store.
If you are transferring in Frankfurt or Munich, a member of staff will present you with your products at the departure gate for your connecting flight for an additional service fee of € 19.95 or 5,300 miles.

Whether you have to collect your order at the gate or in the shop depends on your flight information. You are not able to decide yourself where you would like to pick up your goods.

*The service charge for shop delivery does not apply as of a purchase value of 50 euro

3 Please have your passport and order confirmation ready to ensure that we are able to hand over the products to you in Frankfurt or Munich.

How, where, and when you can order

The assortment
Both in our catalogue and on worldshop.eu, all items which can be presented at the airport are labelled with a special icon: The addition of "Gate" or "Shop" helps you to recognize which items you can pick up in the Lufthansa WorldShop on arrival in Frankfurt or Munich and which you are able to collect at the gate for your connecting flight when you transfer in Frankfurt or Munich.

The reason some products can only be collected in the Shop is due to hand luggage restrictions. The range for those transferring must be acceptable as cabin baggage, and must not include liquids, dangerous goods or sharp blades. Please note the maximum baggage allowance permitted by the airline with which you are travelling. Goods handed over at the gate can no longer be checked in and must be transported as hand luggage.

The order
So that your favourite product is waiting for you at the airport, you can place your order from 30 calendar days in advance and up to 4 calendar days prior to your departure for Frankfurt or Munich. Place your order either online at worldshop.eu or by telephone via the Service Center on +49 (0)69 / 478 689 180. Orders can be placed regardless of the airline with which you are booked as well as for arrivals at Terminal 2 in Frankfurt.

You can pay for products in euros, by redeeming Miles & More award miles or as a combined mixed payment by redeeming miles with an additional euro payment. Payment in euros is only possible with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Diners Club).

We have two different delivery methods, the choice of which depends on your flight details: If Frankfurt or Munich Airport is your final destination, the order is delivered to the public area of Terminal 1 (Frankfurt) or Terminal 2 (Munich) and is to be collected by you on arrival. All orders must be collected within 5 calendar days of arrival and during WorldShop opening times (daily between 6:00 am and 9.00 pm). If Frankfurt or Munich is only a stop over, a Service employee will hand over the products to you prior to boarding at the gate for your connecting flight. You are not able to decide yourself where you would like to pick up your goods.

In the case of a flight change or cancellation, please inform us at:
e-mail: 065049055043027057035049051000027043035001027029
Tel: +49(0)69 / 478 689 180 (Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm.)

Please provide your ID and order confirmation so that we can hand over your order at the airport.

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