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Airport Delivery

Airport Delivery service

Would you like to place an order with WorldShop although you live outside of the Lufthansa WorldShop delivery range? Not a problem. You can conveniently pick up your desired product when you arrive or transfer at Frankfurt Airport thanks to the WorldShop Airport Delivery service.


If your target destination is Frankfurt or Munich, your order will be delivered to the Lufthansa WorldShop Airport Store at the airport and will incur a service charge* of 5.95 euros or 1,200 miles.*The service charge for shop delivery does not apply as of a purchase value of 50 €.


If you are getting a connecting flight in Frankfurt or Munich, a member of our staff will meet you at your departure gate and hand you your order against payment of a service charge of 19.95 euros or 5,300 miles.

Your order

Look for products marked with the Shop Delivery icon or Gate Delivery icon in the catalogue and choose your favourites. Submit your order up to 30 calendar days in advance and at the latest four calendar days prior to your departure for Frankfurt or Munich.

Your order

Taking receipt of your order

Please have your passport and order confirmation at hand to ensure that we are able to hand over the products to you at the airport.

FAQ: All the important answers concerning the Airport Delivery service

  • Which items from the product range can I order for Airport Delivery?
    • A special icon is used to identify all items that can be handed over at the airport. The suffix "Gate" or "Shop" tells you which items you can take receipt of at the Lufthansa WorldShop Airport Store on arrival in Frankfurt or Munich or at the gate for your connecting flight.

  • Why are some items only handed over at a Lufthansa WorldShop Airport Store?
    • The range of products available to passengers on connecting flights must conform to the regulations that apply to hand luggage and thus may not contain liquids, hazardous substances or sharp items. This is why some items are only handed over at a Lufthansa WorldShop Airport Store. Please make sure you do not exceed the maximum hand luggage allowance permitted by the airline with which you are travelling. Items handed to you at the departure gate can no longer be checked in and must be transported as hand luggage.

  • Do I need to have booked a flight with Lufthansa?
    • No. We offer the Airport Delivery service regardless of the airline with which you are booked as well as for arrivals at Terminal 2 in Frankfurt.

  • How far in advance of my flight do I need to place my order?
    • You need to place your order online 30 calendar days in advance of and at the latest four calendar days prior to your departure for Frankfurt or Munich in order to take receipt of the ordered items at the airport.

  • Am I at liberty to choose the payment method?dqfzdvavyqc
    • Yes. You can pay for your order in euros, by redeeming Miles & More award miles or as a combined mixed payment by redeeming miles with an additional euro payment. Payment in euros is only possible with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex).

  • Where and when can I collect my order at the airport?
    • If Frankfurt or Munich Airport is your final destination, your order will be delivered to the Lufthansa WorldShop Airport Store in the public area of Terminal 1 (Frankfurt) or 2 (Munich). All orders must be collected within 5 calendar days of your arrival and during Airport Store opening hours - daily from 6 am to 9.00 pm.

  • How does the handover at the gate take place?
    • If Frankfurt or Munich is only your stopover, a member of the service staff will hand over your order at the boarding gate for your connecting flight. We are unfortunately not able to offer you the option of freely selecting where to collect your order.

  • What should I do if my flight details change?

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