Make the most out of your business trip

Products and tips for successful business trips

Business trips are always a particular challenge that can involve a lot of stress. So we’ve put together some professional travel companions to make your business trip a bit more comfortable. You’ll also find some valuable tips for making your business trip as efficient and stress-free as possible.
  • If possible, travel with just a small trolley that you can use as hand luggage. This makes you more flexible and you’ll save valuable time by not having to wait in the baggage reclaim area.
  • Make efficient use of the space inside the trolley by cleverly organising your clothes and items. Use belts, for example, to keep your shirt collars in shape and fill empty spaces (e.g. in shoes or gaps between your other clothes) with socks and pants.
  • Prevent folded clothes from getting creased by rolling them up or placing thin cardboard or tissue paper between the layers.
  • For fast boarding, always have your travel documents close at hand. A practical external pocket on your trolley is perfect for this.
  • You should also pack other items that you need while on the go (powerbank, tablet etc.) in such a way that they can be easily accessed at the airport or on board. Don’t forget that you should be able to quickly take out any liquids from your hand luggage when going through security.
Use the time during the flight to attend to some of your business tasks. This will help you to have a clearer head when you arrive, as you’ll know that you’ve already dealt with some things. It will also give you more time to switch off when you reach your destination. By the way: if you need it quiet to help you concentrate while working on the go, you can easily block out disturbing ambient noise with good headphones that have active noise cancellation.
It’s important to take enough time to relax on business trips, as this will benefit both your professional performance and your health. So you should make specific plans in the evening to officially end your working day. For example, reserve a table in a cosy restaurant, indulge in some wellness or enjoy an invigorating workout. This will help you to switch off, enhance your well-being and reduce the overall stress level on your business trip.