"We aim to make families happy"

It all began with a revelation. The two Links, mother and father, had been fruitlessly searching for things for their children that would also meet their own demands as parents. "All we came across in the affordable market segment was a wealth of items that were garish, tacky and more or less stress-inducing," explain Corinna and Patrick Links, looking back. And this inspired them to found their own family-owned company "Kindsgut" in Berlin in 2017.

Along with their team, the Links now produce the very articles they had been unable to find: high-quality toys and thoughtfully designed accessories for babies, toddlers and kids that are not only fun for the little ones, but also meet the aesthetic demands of the parents. Everything is undertaken in keeping with their company maxim: "We aim to make families happy!"

By parents for parents

The Kindsgut team consists of mothers, fathers, and family people who are passionate about achieving their aim - even included is a specialist in early-childhood education. She advises them during product development, ensuring that children are neither overwhelmed nor bored when playing with the toys. But the most important testers are the employee's children! Only toys that get their critical, play-tested approval have a chance of making it into the product line-up.

For cuddling, playing and more

The pedagogically designed, sustainably produced items in minimalistic, unisex designs include a wide range of wooden toys and everyday items that are made of environmentally-friendly materials. Each and every toy conforms to exacting aesthetic standards and blends harmoniously with a modern living environment. Kindsgut products are made for cuddling, creative play, learning and simply romping around.

Kindsgut products for your little ones:

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