The wonderful world of aviation – the product fleet with the crane
This range of products embodies the spirit of air travel. Be inspired by functional high flyers, lightweight design items and stylish, down-to-earth one-offs. Made for travellers with the wind in their tails and carrying the iconic Lufthansa crane – the timeless design icon for aviation enthusiasts all around the globe.
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Elegant exclusivity

Striking designs. An eye for detail. Many sophisticated functions. The brand with the iconic crane in the logo is the perfect travel partner, both on the ground and in the air. The check-in for your round trip through exclusive Lufthansa product worlds.
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Nostalgia meets modernity

Warning – these products may cause acute wanderlust! With striking designer items made from recycled aviation materials, true-to-scale aircraft models and charismatic accessories, time is bound to fly until your next take-off.
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Innovative sustainability

Discover the charm of Upcycling: our exclusive unique pieces and highly sought-after accessories give new meaning to the materials of legendary aircraft and everyday aviation items. Just the right thing for environmentally conscious design fans.
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