Sansibar Extra Virgin Olive Oil excels with superior quality. The olives come from the island of Lesvos in sunny Greece, where they are produced with the greatest of care and meticulous attention to quality by the Jordan family at their traditional family business. The trees are still cultivated completely in harmony with nature - just like a century ago. And perhaps that is one of the secrets why the Lesvos oil is so different from many others. Firstly, it is very easy to digest and agreeable. And secondly, only the Kolovi, Ladolia and Adramitiani varieties are grown on Lesvos, which, incidentally, is the only place in the world where the Adramitiani variety can be found.


  • Size (H x ø): 22 x 8 cm
  • Contents: 0.5 l


  • Clay bottle
  • Made 100% from olives of the Kolovi and Adramitiani varieties
  • Cold-pressed

Included in delivery

  • Sansibar Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Clay Bottle