Leatherman - For Real Life.
The Original American multi-tool.

It all started in 1976, when young Tim Leatherman and his wife traveled across Europe in a small $ 300 Fiat. During the trip, Tim needed tools to repair his used Fiat - tools that his scout knife did not offer. In these moments the idea for his multipurpose tool was born. Back in the US, Tim started developing immediately. The result was the Leatherman, the helper for all small and big challenges of everyday life. In 1983, Tim Leatherman founded the Leatherman Tool Group, which today - based in Oregon, USA - is the world's largest manufacturer of high quality multipurpose tools, with sales in more than 80 countries worldwide.

All Leatherman tools are all "Made in USA" as they are still manufactured at the company headquarters in Portland, Oregon. If you ask Tim about the importance of quality at Leatherman his answer is very simple: "My name is on every tool." All Leatherman Tools come with a 25-year warranty. Fans all around the world use their Leatherman tool to solve small and big challenges of everyday life.